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Picture of Bianca Breeze in Moms Bang Teens video: Pussy Pow

Bianca Breeze in Pussy Pow

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, February 8, 2016
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Alexis Adams stopped by her boyfriend Tyler's house to grab a quick word of advice from his stepmom Bianca while he was still on his way home. She confided in her how special she wanted to make their very first anniversary and was completely stumped on what she could do to really wow him. She admitted she really didn't have much of an idea because she only had one other relationship before Tyler and it was with a girl. Bianca saw her chance to seduce her and poured it on. Alexis always had a thing for learning new sexual tricks from older women and could not resist but once she was tongue deep in MILF pussy Tyler walked in on them and provided Bianca the perfect opportunity to not only get back at her cheating, estranged hubby but also finally sink her cougar teeth into some young, fresh man meat.

Picture of Bianca Breeze in Moms Bang Teens video: Cumming In The Breeze

Bianca Breeze in Cumming In The Breeze

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, April 6, 2015
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Bianca came home from work to find her step daughter and boyfriend studying for an exam. Bianca got fresh as she always does and moved in on Tony. He locked onto her vibes. Kimberly tried to explain to Tony how forward Bianca could be and not to worry. Tony had other thoughts and made an excuse to get upstairs where Bianca was. He creeped in and found her naked in the shower. He was being a huge pervert, as his girlfriend was downstairs wondering what was taking him so long. Kimberly got worried and went to investigate. She caught her boyfriend completely red handed. Tony tried to explain, but Kimberly wasn't buying it. Bianca took control and was going to make sure everybody was on the same page. She wanted to make sure Tony knew how to keep a girl happy. She got him on his knees and his face in between her legs. Kimberly rolled her eyes, for she knew this was nothing new with her step mom. Tony was in pussy heaven. He got both of them nice and heated up. Bianca swallowed his cock whole. She was so far down on his shaft, she had his balls smashed up against her face. They continued in the bedroom, as the girls rubbed their pussies together for a pussy explosive good time. After the little display of pussy power, Tony put on his own performance. He pounded Bianca good, as she came a few times over. Then he laid back and let them finish him off.

Picture of Bianca Breeze in Milf Hunter video: Pussy Pleasure

Bianca Breeze in Pussy Pleasure

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, September 9, 2013
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A few weeks ago, Bianca had a great time with Levi, so when her best friend mentioned that she was having marital problems, she immediately took her over to Hunter's place. When they arrived, Bianca's big booty friend tried to defend her husband by stating that he works all the time and so on. Levi asked if she was satisfied with his performance in the bedroom, and she obviously said. Levi took a step back, then he instructed Bianca to kiss her friend and soon enough, the girls started pussy licking finger banging each other. After a few minutes, Levi jumped in between the ladies with his cock in hand and an all out orgy ensued.

Picture of Bianca Breeze in Milf Hunter video: Mouthful Of Meat

Bianca Breeze in Mouthful Of Meat

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, August 12, 2013
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The MILF hunter was driving through the parking garage at the mall when he spotted a beautiful long-legged MILF. Bianca seemed to have lost her car, and the hunter asked if she needed any assistance. She told him her car got towed, so the hunter came up with a brilliant plan. He called his friend and asked him to pretend like he worked at the tow truck company. They told her they would help to get her car back, but it would take a half-hour or longer. So the hunter convinced her to come back to his place. Once they arrived there, it was not long until Bianca was showing off her see-through panties, as her long sexy legs were spread out on the bed. She sucked that cock and got her ass munched on while playing with her wet pussy. Bianca got her twat drilled and got man juice all over her pussy.

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