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Picture of Desiree in Big Naturals video: Beautiful Bosom

Desiree in Beautiful Bosom

Site: Big Naturals
Date: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Tags: straight, redhead, hotpants, stockings, bbw, bigass, cameltoe, piercings, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs, tittyfuck

Voodoo had an appointment with Hank a motorcycle shop owner. Well Voodoo was there and on time but Hank wasnt. That left for a perfect opportunity for Voodoo to get be acquainted to Desiree Hanks secretary. Desiree was fucking sexy and had huge FF breasts. The best part about it all was that she was a freak and she would definitely let Voodoo tap that juicy ass. But if they wanted to have some sex at the shop they definitely would have to hurry because Hank would eventually arrive!

Picture of Desiree in Big Naturals video: Sleeping Boobie

Desiree in Sleeping Boobie

Site: Big Naturals
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Tags: straight, blonde, lingerie, bigass, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs, deepthroat, tittyfuck

We decided to visit Desiree at my place while she did a little webcam action. She was my top webcam chick so we had her working full time. The clients loved her giants boobs, and so did we. I brought JMac along for some little fun. I knew Desiree was a freak and loved the cock, so she wouldn't mind too much if JMac grabbed a hand full. But after the hand full came the mouth full and it was a wrap from then on. Desirees boobs fucking rocked!

Picture of Desiree in Milf Hunter video: Tricks Of The Trade

Desiree in Tricks Of The Trade

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, April 25, 2011
Tags: straight, brunette, bbw, bigass, big tits, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs

Desiree was trying to fix her truck which had overheated when we showed up to help her. We would have just passed by and not given it a second thought, but when we saw her bent over peaking into the engine with some super skimpy shorts. We just had to come to the rescue and put the moves on her. We saw her humongous hooters when she turned around to greet us. Levi told her she should let her truck cool down for an hour or so and head back to our place to wait without getting soaked since a storm was brewing. He massaged her when we got back to HQ, and she was definitely interested in doing a little more than just a massage. We took the action into the living room and watched those sloppy floppies crash into Levi all about the face and cock.

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