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Grace in Good Grace

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, March 26, 2011
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Kristen and Bree noticed that there was a hot real estate agent who was selling property in their neighborhood. After seeing her a few times they invited her over to their place for sushi and sake. During lunch Kristen and Bree were distracted by the DDD fun bags that Grace was packing in her tight shirt. Grace was gracious enough to unleash the mega melons and let the girls play with them, her enormous tits are guilty of being the catalyst for an all out milf orgy.

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Grace in Holy Hot Pants

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, March 21, 2011
Tags: straight, redhead, big tits, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs

Levi and I went on the hunt over at a local flea market where foxy frugal moms always go trying to get more bang for the buck. Grace was in our scopes about 35 minutes after patrolling around the booths. She was wearing some sexy leggings and her ass looked simply amazing. Levi flirted for a little while and she pretty much freaked out about my camera. He picked up on how she really was not freaked out at all but instead interested in the camera and a possible little sexcapade with a younger guy. He played up to it and asked her to try and live out one of her fantasies right then and there. She left her kids with the nanny and came back with us. We were under the wire on time since she had to get back before the nanny suspected anything might be out of the ordinary so they banged and we rushed her back the the flea market before her nanny got too suspicious. This was one freaky undercover MILF.

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