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Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, February 5, 2011
Tags: straight, brunette, cameltoe, piercings, shaved, petite, tattoo, latina sex, outside, 1on1, blow jobs

Maxi had a meeting with her tutor to study for a big test coming up. She did not have any intention of studying as she was hopping on her trampoline in the backyard while her tutor was looking for her. She was looking super hot in that dress, bouncing on that trampoline. Her tutor found her and he attempted to sit her down and begin studying. She kept grabbing his cock during the session and he finally gave in to the temptation. She sucked his cock and hopped on that dick. She got her pussy pounded and received man milk all over her. Her father began calling her from inside and the tutor ran off in a frantic dash.

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