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Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, August 9, 2010
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Welcome back my friends to another sick edition of Milfhunter! Today the Hunter was in a chill mood and called sexy ass Giiana to hang out. He felt in in the mood to give her a little foot massage. Now knowing Hunter, he knew one way to a womans pussy is thru a good foot massage. So Hunter took out the lotion and gave those feet the best fucking massage possible! That shit got Giiana wet as fuck and turned her on! So she repayed Hunter with a nice cock massage but with a little twist. She used her sexy ass feet! And it was a wrap from then on. And every went according to plan. Giiana tore off Hunters pants and gave Hunters the spiciest head game. Then things intensified and Giiana gave Hunter what he finally wanted all along. Some of that nice good pussy! EnJoY@

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