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Picture of Zena in Round and Brown video: Simply Bootiful

Zena in Simply Bootiful

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, February 19, 2010
Tags: straight, hotpants, lingerie, bigass, big tits, cameltoe, hairy, piercings, shaved, tattoo, ebony porn, outside, pool, shower, threesome, 2girlbj, blow jobs, deepthroat, masturbation

Bubblelicious, Juicy, and damn near impossible proportions. I give you Zena and Chanel. Two chicks that tore the whole scene down with their amazing asses. They shook that shit like there was no tomorrow and they really brung it. These chicks were perfect and they knew it. Teasing JMac with every shake of that ass. One made it clap while the other stood still while her ass shook like spinners. It was incredible. After the lovely exhibition we took the ladies back inside to further inspect those donks. We took them to the tub and filled it with bubbles. We then had the girls dunk their asses and watch the suds just drip off. Then when it was time to get into the main course Jmac didn't look back and took a bite out of Zena and Chanels juicy asses.

Picture of Zena in Round and Brown video: Sweet As Pie

Zena in Sweet As Pie

Site: Round and Brown
Date: Friday, January 15, 2010
Tags: straight, bikini, hotpants, bigass, hairy, tattoo, ebony porn, bodyoil, outside, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs

I was chilling at the local park with JMac to play a little bit of hoops.After like two minutes yeah, that shit got boring quick.So I decided to call up Zena and give JMac a little surprise. This dude was psyched.Who wouldnt be.Zena had an amazing body and the illest thin waist around.I had this chick in the scopes for a while and it was time to see that donk.So she came thru and I had this girl get down and freaky at the court.Zena shook it,dipped,it,shook it some more and we were just like some horny wild dogs all over that ass.Damn that shit was precious.So then we decided to take the show back home and have a more private inspection of that BOOTY.So JMac did his thing and had this girl wobbling and making that butt clap like there was no tomorrow.EnJoy!

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