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Natalie Nice

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Name: Natalie Nice

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Picture of Natalie Nice in We Live Together video: Naughty Nice

Natalie Nice in Naughty Nice

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011
Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, shaved, tall, white, outside, threesome, asslick, masturbation

The girls had a wild night out and needed to rest. They crashed for what they thought was a few minutes but a couple of hours passed. When they woke up from their beauty sleep, Sammie bashfully confessed that she had a wet dream. Lux was feeling groggy and did not understand what Sammie was talking about so she made some coffee. After they each had a cup of joe, the girls reenacted the wet dream which started outdoors with some titty sucking and ended with them on the bed ass licking.

Picture of Natalie Nice in We Live Together video: Tea Time

Natalie Nice in Tea Time

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, bigass, shaved, tattoo, white, outside, threesome, 69, asslick, masturbation

Saraah invited Sammie and Natalie over for tea time. They were required to at least bring one pastry dish but Sammie forgot hers. She offered her sweet pussy as an alternative, and the girls loved the idea. They started caressing and pussy rubbing each other until the moaning got too loud for the quiet neighborhood. They took the party indoors where an all out pussy and ass licking orgy ensued.

Picture of Natalie Nice in We Live Together video: Cammo Coochies

Natalie Nice in Cammo Coochies

Site: We Live Together
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009
Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, bigass, piercings, shaved, skinny, tall, tattoo, latina sex, white, outside, group sex, masturbation

Molly and Dyylan defeated Elena and Natalie in a friendly game of paintball. Molly immediately opened her legs and collected her winnings. While Elena was licking her pussy the girls got into the action. Soon enough everyone was tit sucking, clit licking and finger fucking each other.

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