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Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, January 18, 2010
Tags: straight, brunette, lingerie, big tits, puffynips, shaved, skinny, tall, latina sex, 1on1, blow jobs

I was about to buy a TV from a guy who was selling them by this one warehouse district in my neighborhood when I saw Nataly walking into her aquarium store. As soon as I saw those ginormous boobs I suddenly had an impulse to buy a bunch of fish I had absolutely no idea about. Ficus played his position like a true wingman and got her to open up about her current separation and divorce from her husband. Its the same old story all over this country and I wouldnt have it any other way. Im the guy that fucks all the pussy all you guys are tired of fucking. I feigned interest in her dilemma and we both eventually got her to open up and relax. I flirted and set the trap. She fell right into it and we made a wager that if I dont last long enough for her to cum I would buy all the fish she had in stock. Since she had very bad luck playing the field lately and because she found me intriguing she gave me a chance. Once again the Hunter delivers. She was multiorgasmic and was more than thrilled to finally find a guy who can rock her world.

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