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Picture of Krissy Lynn in CFNM Secret video: Mix and Snatch

Krissy Lynn in Mix and Snatch

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011
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Dr. Krissy Lynn and her nurses were taking care of a patient when Dr. Voodoo came in to over see everything. He did a poor job of taking care of the patient before he quickly left again and that upset everybody. Dr. Krissy decided to relive some stress by giving the patient some extra tests on his cock and balls. Dr. Krissy began by rubbing his balls and then stroking his cock. The nurses took turns sucking that cock while Dr. Krissy supervised the operation. Dr. Voodoo came by to check up on the patient and caught this whole scene going down. He began to yell at everyone and Dr. Krissy had enough of him and slapped him into submission. Soon after, Dr. Voodoo was getting his cock sucked by Dr. Krissy while the nurses continued to work on the patient. The nurses and Dr. Krissy took turns getting their pussies pounded and got man juice all over their faces.

Picture of Krissy Lynn in Monster Curves video: Slippery Lips

Krissy Lynn in Slippery Lips

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2010
Tags: straight, blonde, bikini, bigass, big tits, shaved, petite, white, bodyoil, 1on1, anal, blow jobs, masturbation

When Krissy said she had something special planned, I was unaware that it would involve oil, an inflatable pool and her nice firm round ass. Voodoo and I could not keep our eyes and hands off her sexy body. After the incredible strip tease, Voodoo went in the back door. She bounced her perfect ass all over his schlong. It was simply amazing to see Krissy in action.

Picture of Krissy Lynn in Big Tits Boss video: Stress Relief

Krissy Lynn in Stress Relief

Site: Big Tits Boss
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010
Tags: straight, blonde, bigass, big tits, white, 2on1, deepthroat, handjob

Krissy wants to go to a sex club she heard her friend talking about. Shes getting off work early and wants to go have some fun. Krissy gets the special password from her friend to get in and shes off. Once inside she finds the place empty except for a bartender. He tells her to go see behind the curtains to find what shes there for. She finds two hard giant cocks sticking out of the wall waiting just for her. Its not long before she whips out her amazing tits and starts sucking and slurping. Krissy works hard for what she wants and right now she wants to be filled with cock.

Picture of Krissy Lynn in In The Vip video: Nocturnal Eruption

Krissy Lynn in Nocturnal Eruption

Site: In The Vip
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Tags: straight, blonde, big tits, shaved, white, club, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, creampie, tittyfuck

We are always looking for new places to party and we found one. Our ladies loved it and you will see why. Josh hooked up with Krissylynn and rocked her world. She had a few first timers with him in the champagne room. The other ladies were shaking ass and showing the goods in the VIP area while the other club goers where hoping that their holiday wishes would get them in. Our ladies know what we love to see and it keeps us coming back for more just like Krissylynn when Josh fucked her until last call.

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