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Picture of Haley Sweet in Cum Fiesta video: Sweet Stuff

Haley Sweet in Sweet Stuff

Site: Cum Fiesta
Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Tags: straight, brunette, piercings, shaved, petite, skinny, tattoo, white, 1on1, blow jobs, deepthroat

Halley heard about the fiesta and wanted to check it out for herself. She showed the password and they were perky and sweet. She began by undressing and revealing her luscious ass and succulent pussy. She got her pussy hammered and got man juice all her pretty face, just like she wanted.

Picture of Haley Sweet in Pure 18 video: Sweet and Ripe

Haley Sweet in Sweet and Ripe

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, February 4, 2012
Tags: straight, brunette, shaved, petite, white, 1on1, anal, blow jobs

Haley had to come in on a Saturday for extra practice which ended up being extra curricular activities for the coach. She was mouthing off, so the coach felt the need to discipline her. He bent her over and gave her a good spanking. She started to cuss, so Mr. Reed stepped it up. He pulled her panties down and got real anal about his disciplining techniques. After a little while she started to moan. That is when the practice turned into hardcore ass fucking. Haley and her 18 year old ass was punished in the best way possible. The only thing is that she liked it so much which most likely will lead her to anal time with the coach instead of cheering for the team.

Picture of Haley Sweet in Captain Stabbin video: Ass Sweetness

Haley Sweet in Ass Sweetness

Site: Captain Stabbin
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2011
Tags: straight, brunette, bikini, shaved, petite, white, boat, outside, 1on1, anal, blow jobs

Haley flew in from Ohio to experience for herself what all the anal lovers are raving about. She thought that it was almost impossible for her to have an assgasm so we set sail and went out to prove her wrong. Once we anchored the boat, I was able to worship her perky tits and beautiful ass. Unfortunatley, just when I was about to get some action, Commando cock blocked me. He had her slob his knob before going balls deep in her tiny asshole. Hayley enjoyed her anal adventure especially since she was able to experience multiple assgasms.

Picture of Haley Sweet in Pure 18 video: Sweet Ass

Haley Sweet in Sweet Ass

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011
Tags: straight, brunette, piercings, shaved, petite, white, 1on1, 69, asslick, blow jobs, creampie

Haley was talking to Voodoo about how he went out with her older sister and now that Haley just had her eighteenth birthday, she was ready to go out with him too. He told her no because he did not want to deal with the drama. Haley told him her older sister was spreading rumors that he was gay and if he did not prove her wrong by fucking her, she was going to spread the rumor as well. Voodoo was left with one option of pounding her sweet pussy to prove he was not gay. She got her pussy drilled and got a cream pie in her luscious pussy.

Picture of Haley Sweet in Pure 18 video: Haley Sunshine

Haley Sweet in Haley Sunshine

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008
Tags: straight, brunette, lingerie, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, blow jobs

Haley was in trouble. She was in danger of possibly failing all over again. So her dad hired a math tutor to ensure he passed. Josh showed up and was ready to get his teach on. Haley had other thoughts. She was all about learning anatomy instead of math. So after her father bounced, the perky natural titites came out and recess began. This barely legal 18 year old babe had dick sucking skills well beyond her years. She sure showed them off. Her tight shaved wet pussy was oh so inviting that Josh put his pencil away and went along for the ride. Great fuck scene here. Enjoy.

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