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Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is more about action than romance. She's got a strong sense of self-esteem and she knows what she wants out of every scene. If you see the way she works it in her Wild Ride episode on the Cum Fiesta site, you'll know right away that this is one blonde Babe you had best not toy with because she is all about guys who can show her the sexy time they promise and live up to all the hype! Of all the girls who have starred on our sites, Madison Ivy may well have the best eye contact of any. When she is going down and dirty, watch the way she looks up at you and looks you right in the eye. sharing your excitement and adding to the moment with her own amazing emotional cues. Intimacy is where she really sets herself apart from any other model.

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Picture of Madison Ivy in Pure 18 video: Incredible Trio

Madison Ivy in Incredible Trio

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Tags: lesbian porn, straight, blonde, piercings, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, group sex, 18 plus teen porn, asslick, blow jobs, handjob, masturbation

No money...and desperate to continue the night out on the town. These three hot 18 year olds find them in a preDICKament this night. When they finally reached the gas station they decided to fuck themselves into getting some free gas. They gave this clerk a night he will remember for the rest of his life. And update we are not sure to forget anytime soon either. These are some really hot bettys and they have an insatiable sex drive. Come watch as all three get down and dirty.

Picture of Madison Ivy in Cum Fiesta video: A Wild Ride

Madison Ivy in A Wild Ride

Site: Cum Fiesta
Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Tags: straight, blonde, hotpants, puffynips, shaved, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, white, 1on1, mature porn, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, masturbation

Today Madiison came for a visit to the fiesta party. I asked how she had heard about the party and she said a few friends from college told her about it. They said they had loads of fun so she wanted to check it out. Well you know we couldnt disappoint her so I called over Greg to come over and hang out and really show her what a fiesta is all about! Madiison was ready she started masturbating on the couch and wrapped her self up into a little ball, shes very flexible Greg wasted no time in taking it from there and giving her a real Cum Fiesta! Enjoy!

Picture of Madison Ivy in Pure 18 video: Happy Madison

Madison Ivy in Happy Madison

Site: Pure 18
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2008
Tags: straight, blonde, hotpants, cameltoe, puffynips, shaved, petite, skinny, tanlines, tattoo, white, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, handjob, masturbation

Good Fucking Youth! Thats what I thought when I saw Madison attack Billys dick. For a classy young lady, she sure turned into a debauched, dirty bird in short order. I didnt think a girl only 18 could suck a dick like that, but she was like an animal. Lucky for Billy, west coast girls grow up fast. She rode his dick like she was in an equestrian competition. Ruthless, like a little blonde, tight assed jockey. Shit, I think I saw her whip him with a riding crop at one point, too. Enjoy!

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