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Arianna Labarbara in End With A Bang

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010
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The new year came and went and we didnt notice because we went and came all over three lucky studs and their cocks. Bree had a little New Year shindig where we were all going to have dinner and drinks and then trip the light fantastic to ring in the new year but we were sidetracked. As soon as the studs Bree invited showed up we all damn near lost our minds. My girls and I already had a little something to drink and we were talking about resolutions and how we all agreed we needed more cock in our life so when they showed up we pretty much forgot all about the dancing and all that and just got right down to business. I think Bree had the most fun because she seemed to really be into this one guy. After Doug made her squirt she made a beeline right for Michael and he picked up where he left off before the switch. Those two really seemed to be into one another but then again everyone was really into making each other feel good.

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Arianna Labarbara in Sexy Celebration

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009
Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, brunette, bigass, big tits, cameltoe, piercings, shaved, tattoo, white, threesome, mature porn, dildo, masturbation

Arianna rented a room to celebrate her Anniversary with her husband. She had the girls drop by before he got there to spend some time together. Kristen and Bree arrive shortly, and they had other things in mind for her. They meet and greet. What follows is a perfect display quality time between women. The girls sip some Champagne and get down to what they all wanted. Some Pussy play.

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Arianna Labarbara in Tail Pipe

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, October 29, 2007
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I decided to take a break from hunting, so I went to go pick up my bike from the shop and head out to Daytona for bike week, but just my luck, the damn thing was not ready. So, since it looked like I was not going to bike week, I should get back to hunting. The first girl that I saw was the secretary of the bike shop, and after laying the guilt trip, I manage to get head from her right next to my bike. Ofcourse I knew that wasnt going to end there. After tasting my cock, she wanted to fuck, and the hunter is always down to fuck. This chick got so into it that she even wanted my cock in her tail pipe. Thats pretty good for not having my bike ready. That shit was sweet. This turned out better than having to go to bike week. WAY BETTER.

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