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Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Dirty Bella

India Summer in Dirty Bella

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, May 23, 2016
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Bella Skye was working out with her boyfriend Peter when Mrs. Summers came waltzing in to also use the gym. Peter heard a bunch of rumors about how Mrs. Summers loved to seduce her stepdaughter's friends. Her sexual appetite was so voracious it didn't matter to her whether they were boys or girls. She overheard them talking about her and waited for her opportunity to approach Bella. Peter went over to work on his arms and that's when she struck. She eased her way over to the door and nonchalantly locked it. She told Bella she would show her what Peter was talking about and began to grope her. Bella was a little taken aback but was really enjoying her sultry, soft touch. She couldn't believe how much she succumbed to her advances! Peter walked in and was shocked beyond belief! Luckily for everyone involved he was way more turned on about the whole ordeal than he was shocked and they all enjoyed each other's bodies. After they pleasured each other Mrs. Summers made them promise to keep it from her stepdaughter and if they proved to be trustworthy enough then perhaps they could do it again some time. Something tells me their lips will be sealed to ensure they get another sex tutorial from an extremely attractive and experienced MILF.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Kissing Kate

India Summer in Kissing Kate

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, August 10, 2015
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Kate England and her new boyfriend Tarzan played hooky from school to go home and get real close. They started making out when Tarzan heard a noise from one of the other rooms. Little did they know her step mother India Summer was rubbing her pussy a couple rooms away in the tub. The two horny school skippers went to investigate when they came upon India. Her eyes were closed and her hand was rubbing away on her clit. Tarzan busted his phone out for a golden opportunity to perv out. They got busted like they wanted to get caught. India Summer cased them down and confronted them. She was still worked up and wanted to cum. She made sure she was going to get some action since she was rudely interrupted. She told the two of them to go ahead and do what they came home to do. They tried to play if off but Tarzan's hard cock pocking through his shorts told the whole story. India sat and watched as her step daughter Kate England buried her boyfriends cock in the back of her throat. India wasn't going to watch the whole thing, so she got down as well. These two horny vixens double teamed Tarzan like it was a normal after school event. They got real close and personal with each other's pussy as well. It's safe to say that these three got way more out of the day when they were all after the same thing.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Hot for Hope

India Summer in Hot for Hope

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, June 1, 2015
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Hope came home with her boyfriend, Danny, when her step mom, India, wasn't home. Hope had the idea to go fuck in her step mom's shower. Danny was hesitant at first, but she convinced him. She pulled up that dress, and he couldn't resist her juicy round ass. In the bathroom, it didn't take long for the sucking and fucking to begin. Hope got bent over and was getting pounded in her pussy from behind when her step mom, India, came in the bathroom to take a pee. After India was done, she noticed what was happening. She began yelling at Hope when she noticed Danny's big cock. She told Hope she wouldn't tell her father, as long as she shared that cock with her. Soon after, they were both sucking on that dick. They took turns getting their pussies filled and got that cream all over their pretty faces.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Love To Lovia

India Summer in Love To Lovia

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, December 29, 2014
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Eva had her boyfriend, Van, over to get some studying done. But she knew he was really more interested in her. Since he hadn't really been getting A's in the bedroom lately, when she finished her part of the studying, she took off to her stepmom India's room and left him solo. There she explained the trouble in bed, and India offered to show her how it should be done. The ladies took off their bottoms, and India sucked Eva's pussy the right way. Eva was loving it, but right in the middle, Van was being a perv and had started taking pics on his mobile from outside the window. When they caught him, India made him stay after class and gave him extra homework. He banged both those pussies until he'd aced the lesson. Then he blasted his load all over both their pretty faces. This was a MILF and teen threesome for the ages!

Picture of India Summer in Milf Next Door video: Sexy India

India Summer in Sexy India

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Brianna was at the airport and lost her phone charger. She couldn't help but notice the gorgeous body of India, and while she was checking her out, she noticed she had the same phone. Brianna asked about the charger and with the door open used her girlish charm to lure India in. They made their way back to the house, and as Brianna searched her purse for her charger, her vibrator fell out. India picked it up and, having caught on to Brianna's previous advances, decided this was the perfect moment to make a move. They started kissing and soon someone's mouth was always filled with pussy. These sexy MILF's went at it back and forth through multiple orgasams. They laid back in each others arms in the end slowly building up the strength for round two.

Picture of India Summer in Milf Hunter video: Topless Tennis

India Summer in Topless Tennis

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, April 7, 2014
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Shae played a tennis match with the Hunter, and she lost. They bet on the game, and now she had to pay up by showing off her huge beautiful tits. Shae sat down with Levi and explained to him that she had a crush on her step mother and wanted his help to reel her in. She insinuated he could join in a threesome. Her step-mom India came and picked them up, and they went back to Levi's place for some lemonade. Once they were there, Shae got a phone call, and she left the Hunter alone with her step mother. Levi told her about the crush, and India was very willing to fulfill Shae's fantasy. Soon after, India was kissing Shae and pulling out those big juicy tits. Levi and India took turns licking Shae's sweet pussy. The girls both sucked and fucked his cock. Levi rammed both their pussies good, and Shae got that man juice all over her luscious ass. India licked it all up.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Lusty Exchange

India Summer in Lusty Exchange

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, September 30, 2013
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Lola has gotten extremely close to her stepmother, India, while her father has been away on business. Today they're out in the pool and the subject of Lola's new boyfriend, Xander, comes up. Lola's only complaint is that he doesn't seem to satisfy her sexually anymore. She goes on to say that this is most probably the result of how well India eats her pussy. This gets India's juices flowing. She presses her fit and sexy body against Lola's firm, young breasts. The two kiss passionately rubbing each other's tits and pussies. India proceeds to go down and get a mouthful of Lola's creamy cooch. Xander unexpectedly stops by and is shocked by the scene he observes. He confronts Lola and India takes action. She grabs Xander by the shirt and tells him that her step-daughter deserves to be satisfied and she's gonna show him how to do it. This aggressiveness turns Xander on and he follows Indias orders, no questions asked. She walks him through eating pussy properly and Xander excels in learning. The two girls decide to reward him with some cock sucking and plenty of fucking. Feeling content that Xander knows what has to be done now, and having both came themselves, they hungrily drink in his cum as it covers their faces.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Sex Ed

India Summer in Sex Ed

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, July 15, 2013
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Jake came to pick up Veronica for a movie and her step mom, India Summer, answered the door. Mrs. Summer invited him inside and she liked what she saw. While they were waiting for Veronica to get ready, Mrs. Summer began grabbing his cock. He resisted at first, but she pulled out his cock and began stroking it. Veronica finally came out of her bedroom and Jake quickly put his dick back in his pants. After they returned from the movie, Veronica had some homework to do and left Jake to wait for her until she was done. Jake wondered to Mrs. Summers bedroom and heard noises of her moaning. He walked into her bedroom and found her playing with her sweet pussy with her luscious ass in the air. He enjoyed watching her play with her pussy. She commanded him to come eat her asshole from behind. He munched on her asshole and pussy and she sucked his cock nicely. He began fucking her and moments later, Veronica stormed in the room and caught them fucking. Mrs. Summer explained that Veronica should just go with it and join in and she would make sure Veronicas father will give her more money. Veronica got her pussy drilled from behind as she licked her stepmoms pussy up. They took turns getting fucked and Jake glazed Mrs. Summers face with his man juice.

Picture of India Summer in Moms Bang Teens video: Show Me Blow Me

India Summer in Show Me Blow Me

Site: Moms Bang Teens
Date: Monday, April 2, 2012
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After numerous failed attempts at finding out what his girlfriend was doing all week with her step mom, Giovanni decided to visit them although he was not invited nor welcomed. Giovanni slowly crept in through the backyard, made his his inside via the back open door and once inside, he heard sensual screams of pleasure. It was a big house so it took him a few minutes to pinpoint the exact location of the moaning. Once he located the source which was the master bathroom, Giovanni slowly opened the door and saw his girlfriend, Melanie, with her legs wide open getting her clit sucked. Melanie's step mom grabbed Giovanni by his preppy shirt and told him to man up, shut up and to whip out his cock. They double teamed the cock and then kicked him out after they both experienced multiple orgasms.

Picture of India Summer in CFNM Secret video: Gropist

India Summer in Gropist

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011
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Jewel and her sexy friends were all waiting for the substitute yoga instructor. He showed up late and began the class. As all the girls began stretching he went to each one and helped them individually. As he helped them, he felt up their luscious tits and delectable asses. He even had his cock sticking out the bottom of his shorts as he helped the girls stretch. His cock rubbed across a couple of their faces as he instructed them. They finally got enough of his groping and decided to teach him and the male student who did not stop the molesting, a lesson. They ripped off all of their clothes and began abusing and using their bodies. They demanded a good pussy pounding and they got it.

Picture of India Summer in Milf Next Door video: Horny Hotties

India Summer in Horny Hotties

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010
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Kristen and India were supposed to meet Bree at the beach, after a few minutes of waiting they called her and found out that she could not find a babysitter. The girls skipped the beach and went home. After having a few drinks, the girls started licking and tongue fucking each other. India used her favorite vibrator on Kristen making her squirt all over the place. Bree really missed out on all the fun.

Picture of India Summer in CFNM Secret video: Booty Polish

India Summer in Booty Polish

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009
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Hunter and India just missed their nail appointment. A mere 15 minutes. Dominic was the only one left at the salon when they rushed in. He was still going to school to be a beautician. So after failing to call back the staff, the girls decided to use Dominic. If not, they would tell the owner of the salon. I mean when you come this often you get the preferential treatment. After a miserable attempt, Dominic was taken to the massage table where India and Hunter had their way with him. They enticed him to eat their pussies and not do anything as they took turns sucking his dick, these girls were sure having their way with him. He was lucky enough to have to fuck both of them. I love it when women are in control. I know you would too if you were approached by these beauties. Enjoy.

Picture of India Summer in CFNM Secret video: Rescue Me

India Summer in Rescue Me

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2008
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What an evening. We received a call of a loud man in the local park. So as the job required we had to check out the situation. We get there and put him on the stretcher. So we took him in to check him out and see if he was fine and we see that this guy has an amazing body. So me and my colleague decided we would do further examinations on him. You know to see if he was ok. So we took off and clothes and gave him the see if your cock still works treatment. Its not everyday you get a patient that looks this good. We had to take advantage of this rare occurance. So we politely fixed him up and threw him out!

Picture of India Summer in CFNM Secret video: At Your Service

India Summer in At Your Service

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Tags: straight, blonde, bigass, big tits, shaved, white, group sex, blow jobs, deepthroat, masturbation

This week, Ive decided to hire myself a new servant, and invited my friends India and Ahryan over to show him off. As my friends get anxious to meet my hired help, I surprise them by telling them about his bow tie only requirement. When the girls excitement peeks, I summon him over for a little meet and greet. India and Ahryan pry over who gets to try him out first, but I make my ownership over him known. Even though he is mine, I let the girls get a taste of his sweeet dick. Wow, Ahryanas deepthroat is incredible, but my tight pussy will be the only one who gets to feel his cock this time ladies. Enjoy...

Picture of India Summer in CFNM Secret video: Caught In The Act

India Summer in Caught In The Act

Site: CFNM Secret
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008
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My friend India invited us over to check out her new house. She had company though. It appears her step brother had recently moved in and he happened to be a chronic masturbator. She apparently caught him masturbating a couple times. This time we caught him again but it was not an accident. We heard some noise and were quite curios to check out his girth. India wasnt too comfortable with that idea...but we were too horny. One thing led to another and before you knew it we had the step brother cumming all over himself.

Picture of India Summer in Milf Next Door video: Pussy Patrol

India Summer in Pussy Patrol

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, August 30, 2008
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I know you have all heard Home Owner Association horror stories, but only brings you one with a happy ending. When India and Brianna got to licking each others sweet-as-pie pussies, the raucous ruckus they created left one of their neighbors very upset. He was left with no option but to call security and file a complaint. Luckily, Ramon is always hard at work. Ramon went to the house and found the disturbance. The disturbance wanted some dick in the mix and Ramon was hard at work again.

Picture of India Summer in Milf Hunter video: Entering India

India Summer in Entering India

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, December 10, 2007
Tags: straight, shaved, skinny, tall, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs, deepthroat, handjob

What a day to go to the store. India was shopping and everybody else was dropping. I think she out grew her dress from high school becuase her ass was hanging out for everyone. Her body had the curves that intimidated the Hunter, and that is saying alot. Once he got over his fear of hieghts, he stepped to her. She recognized him right away because her and her husband are fans of the site. They get off together. Once the ice was broken she wanted Sean as soon as we got out of the store. This sexy vixen was sucking dick and not even caring where we were driving. We finally got back to her house and let the good times roll. I can not say enough about India. She was totally into fucking Sean and her body is to die for. I am going to keep watching this hot ass update untill I run into her again. She is a super hottie and will stop traffic any where whe goes.

Picture of India Summer in Milf Next Door video: Fine As W

India Summer in Fine As W

Site: Milf Next Door
Date: Saturday, October 6, 2007
Tags: lesbian porn, blonde, bikini, shaved, skinny, tall, tattoo, white, outside, dildo, masturbation

This time, the milfs next door are at it again. Our beautiful friend India came to visit from Las Vegas because her husband does not give her that much attention anymore, so thats where we cum in. We made sure India had a good sexy time while she was here, so we got a few bottles of wine and some naughty toys to get freaky with. And freaky is what we got. We must to have cum like ten times, but to our surprise, India wanted more and more. So, if you want to know what else we did, you must check out the vid. Its a must.

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