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Sophie Dee is Dee-licous! Born in the UK, Sophie knew from the age of eighteen that she wanted to be a pornstar. Sophie loved having sex and knew she didn't want to work a boring 9 to 5 desk job. She wanted to be famous and with beautiful blue eyes that sparkle under the studio lights, fame was only a matter of time and effort. Porn became the obvious career path for her to follow once she came to the states and her sexual appetite took over. Sophie got her big break in 2005 and hasn't slowed down since then! With her sometimes blonde hair and sometimes black hair, Sophie's looks change more often than the color of her panties! One thing is consistent though and that's her ocean blue eyes gazing up at you as she shows off her amazing blowjob skills! Check out her tight and toned body, and it's easy to see how Sophie Dee managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a pornstar. She has a body that was built for sex and nowhere is that more obvious than the Shooting Sophie scene on the Team Squirt site of the Reality Kings network!

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Picture of Sophie Dee in Monster Curves video: Sex Swing

Sophie Dee in Sex Swing

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2013
Tags: straight, brunette, bigass, big tits, hairy, shaved, white, threesome, 2girlbj, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, squirting, tittyfuck, creampie

Dani and Sophie swung their way into the spot light with bright smiles and some serious assets. These two made a great pair and showed us how much fun they can have together. They bumped asses together and Dani showed her skills on the swing when Erik came and buried his face. He got them stripped down and licked them from behind until Dani got so turned on she had to have a cock in her mouth. These two sexy blue eyed gems were a delight to look down on as they gazed up with nothing but cock and balls on their mind. They worked it like a dream team of sex goddesses. While his cock was all slicked up from them slobbering on it, Sophie slide it in between her huge tits with that I am fucking sexy and you love it look in her eyes. After some play time it got real fun back on the swing set as Erik swung these two vixens back and forth on his cock. He fucked them good and and after awhile they both were gasping for air. He couldn't get enough of these two and their gigantic asses, but all good thing must come to an end at some point. That point was buried in Dani's sweet pussy lips. Soon after Dani's pussy gushed all over Eriks cock he exploded and Sophie had the pleasure of tasting both of them from between Dani's legs.

Picture of Sophie Dee in Monster Curves video: Cum for Curves

Sophie Dee in Cum for Curves

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Tags: lesbian porn, straight, brunette, lingerie, stockings, bigass, big tits, cameltoe, shaved, tattoo, white, threesome, mature porn, 2girlbj, anal, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, dildo, handjob

Are you ready for some Sophie Dee, Phoenix Marie, together with Preston Parker? I hope so because here you have it and it's as action packed as the girls asses are about to be. Phoenix's birthday just passed and Tony brought her, well both girls a gift. Anal Beads on a red balloon. These two chicks are thick and juicy with ass for days. After some playful fun together. Preston enters the building to make it a threesome. They had him going crazy to the point he almost busted early. Being the trooper he is, he gathered himself and took care of business. This is a scene to remember and I'm sure you'll bust one in the first few Hot minutes.

Picture of Sophie Dee in Monster Curves video: Royal Rump

Sophie Dee in Royal Rump

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Tags: straight, redhead, bigass, big tits, shaved, tattoo, white, 1on1, asslick, blow jobs, creampie, masturbation

My lords, my ladies of the Reality Kings court, I present to you an incident from the life of the adventurous Voodoo. The Sure-Bangs-Alot knight of the round mound booties has come back to the table wielding his trusted Sexcalibur sword to tame the monstrous curves of Sophie, the fan favorite fair maiden who has returned for more monstrous mashing of her monumental mammaries and colossal keister. Her royal rump was left drenched in sweat and rosy from the perpetual pounding. All hail Reality Kings.

Picture of Sophie Dee in Monster Curves video: Slip N Slide

Sophie Dee in Slip N Slide

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Tags: straight, blonde, redhead, bikini, bigass, big tits, piercings, shaved, tattoo, white, outside, pool, threesome, 2girlbj, blow jobs, masturbation, tittyfuck

Ramon was having a little party at his place. I found him in the backyard with two sexy babes in the hot tub. They were looking luscious in those tiny bikinis. Ahryan had a big juicy ass and Sophie had those huge delectable melons. Soon after, they were getting their pussies licked and fingered by Ramon. Then, they both licked and sucked his cock. They took turns riding his cock and face. Sophies and Ahryans asses looked amazing as they bounced on that dick. They took that load all over their pretty faces. Enjoy.

Picture of Sophie Dee in Monster Curves video: The Bubble Booty

Sophie Dee in The Bubble Booty

Site: Monster Curves
Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008
Tags: straight, blonde, bigass, big tits, cameltoe, piercings, shaved, tanlines, tattoo, white, outside, threesome, blow jobs, deepthroat

Apparantly, when in California, sexy British girls like to greet new people with a little ass smothering. Who can hate on that? Not us at Sophie Dee has the perfect ass for just such ass backwards hellos and her pink pussy is right there for the lucky to lick. Our stud got started with her on his face and in seconds she was on his dick, poolside then inside on the couch. The fun doesnt stop there, though. Sophie has a roomie she was hiding. Abby. Blonde with big DD titties and thick in all the right spots like Sophie. Watching these two handle the cock was excercise in self control, but thats the price we pay to bring you quality booty!

Picture of Sophie Dee in Money Talks video: Nu Jack Swing

Sophie Dee in Nu Jack Swing

Site: Money Talks
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Tags: straight, redhead, bikini, bigass, cameltoe, puffynips, shaved, skinny, white, threesome, blow jobs, handjob, masturbation

This week on Money Talks we decided to invade a bunch of swingers. Nadine found some that were willing to take part in a new bit we call Scent of a Woman. Can you guess the scent of your woman. Then we grabbed some hotties and had them pole dance naked, Triple Kiss makeout and a good old titty flash and motorboat. After getting our fill of laughs, we hooked up with our girl Sophye so her and Nadine could search for a virgin swinger couple. Thats right, we were able to find a couple that had never swung before, and offered them enough money to go upstairs and get it on with sexy Sophye. What happened next was a dream come true for our virgin swinging couple. Check it out...

Picture of Sophie Dee in Team Squirt video: Shooting Sophie

Sophie Dee in Shooting Sophie

Site: Team Squirt
Date: Thursday, February 28, 2008
Tags: straight, brunette, hotpants, lingerie, bigass, shaved, tall, tattoo, white, 1on1, blow jobs, deepthroat, masturbation, squirting

There is something about a girl with a British accent. It makes me all hot about the ascot, if you get my meaning. Take Sophie, for instance. Not only is she tits, but she has a great pair as well. She has an ass that is right bonkers. She is so special we brought in our most nubile willie ranger to naffly sling his knackers about her twat until she squirted like a water show. And squirt she did...Several times She sucked on his bollocks and made his member look like Big Ben. There was no lurve and tender caresses here. This was a right grotty romp with the purpose of each party getting their oats and Christian getting a taste of what it is like to get a bit of the old cider. Cheers Govna.

Picture of Sophie Dee in Flower Tucci video: Move That Ass

Sophie Dee in Move That Ass

Site: Flower Tucci
Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Tags: straight, blonde, hotpants, bigass, big tits, shaved, tall, tattoo, white, car, outside, group sex, anal, blow jobs

Guys, you must check out what I did this time. I was in the middle of moving, when I decided to call one of my girlfriends to come help me out. Once she got here, we waited for the movers to see if they wanted to move our asses around. We were in luck, because the minute they saw us, we started to get freaky with them. Then, I had the idea to move one of the couchs in the truck so we can have more ability to do nasty positions, and we did. Check it.

Picture of Sophie Dee in 40 Inch Plus video: My Friction

Sophie Dee in My Friction

Site: 40 Inch Plus
Date: Monday, August 14, 2006
Tags: straight, blonde, lingerie, bigass, piercings, shaved, skinny, tattoo, white, outside, 1on1, 18 plus teen porn, 69, asslick, blow jobs, deepthroat, handjob

After hours of walking around town and looking for a good candidate for 40 inch plus Alex and I were just about to throw in the towel when we saw Sophie walking her dog. After Alex turned on the charm she was intrigued and curious enough to see if she would actually be eligible to make the 40 inch list. Her british accent got Alex in the mood right away and after a quick rub down Sophie quickly followed. They started humping like rabbits and I got it all on tape.

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