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Savannah Sweet

This woman is about the cock. She loves it. She needs it. It's a thing that is necessary in her life. It fulfills her. Daisy, who has also appeared as Savannah is blonde of first order goodness. She has only appeared in a handful of onscreen poundings, but they are memorable, to say the least.

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Picture of Savannah Sweet in Milf Hunter video: Black and Gold

Savannah Sweet in Black and Gold

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, April 5, 2010
Tags: straight, blonde, puffynips, skinny, tall, tanlines, white, 1on1, mature porn, 69, blow jobs

My right hand man Ficus was waiting for me to get the hunt started at one of our designated meeting spots. He was losing patience just when I pulled up with Savannah. We knew her from a while back and he really could not remember who she was until he hopped into my SUV and took a gander at those tits. He immediately remembered and realized that I had been hunting since much earlier. Ficus was thrilled because he really hates being patient while I set the trap and spring it on unsuspecting MILFs. This time there was no fuss, no muss. I picked him up and we all went back to my place so I can stamp this great puffy tit MILF HUNTED.

Picture of Savannah Sweet in Milf Hunter video: Sexy Amazon

Savannah Sweet in Sexy Amazon

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Monday, February 13, 2006
Tags: straight, blonde, shaved, white, 1on1, mature porn, blow jobs

Get ready to rumble! I was buyin a new tshirt to workout in. and the Milf at the desk was awesome!!! I knew I had to get her back to the house, for some milf and cookies! I finally convinced her to come over, for a drink or 2. and then it got interesting! I was eatin that puss like it was candy! She had me on my back, and ridin me like a champ! I finally got off on her, and straight in her EYE. But she didnt seem to care! I love these Work a-holic MILFS. theyre sooo ambitious!

Picture of Savannah Sweet in Milf Hunter video: Under Cover Lovers

Savannah Sweet in Under Cover Lovers

Site: Milf Hunter
Date: Saturday, January 1, 2000
Tags: lesbian porn, straight, blonde, brunette, big tits, tanlines, white, threesome, mature porn, 69, asslick, blow jobs

While the Hunter was out scoping MILFs, he came across a sexy duo named Daisy and Nikky. After some small talk, they told him they knew who he was and all about his fame. These MILFs seized the opportunity when the Hunter invited them back to his place. Once there, an all-out threesome ensued. It was HOT and heavy. This one was an instant classic. You won't want to miss one these two sexy MILFs getting down in wild threesome!

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